Membership of the College of Shuai Jiao Instructors

At 10 May 2012

The Council of the European Shuai Jiao Union is reponsible for development of Shuai Jiao in Europe and for the organisation of examinations and the certification of Instructors. The external examining body for ESJU Instructors is the Chinese Martial Arts Shuai Jiao Association (CMASJA), Taiwan (RoC). Grades awarded by the ESJU are validated by the CMASJA. The College of Shuai Jiao Instructors (CSJI) includes Examiners, Members and Associate Members (Non European). Instructors may become a member of the CSJI upon successful completion of an Instructor programme together with certification to Black Belt, having met the required standards to teach Shuai Jiao. Membership of the CSJI confirms that the member is an approved Instructor and is qualified to teach Shuai Jiao. Membership of the CSJI is recognised by the International Chinese Kuoshu Federation (ICKF), Taiwan (RoC) and the Wrestling Association of the People's Rep[ublic of China.


Members of the CSJI, together with their current grade certificate, are listed in alphabetical order by surname. If you are not listed as a member of the College and have recently graduated as an Instructor, please contact the Secretary General.

College of Shuai Jiao Instructors (British Chapter)

Master Instructors and Examiners    
Chang Da-Wei Central Police University, Taipei, Taiwan (ROC)
Antonio Langiano ESJU Executive Council Member
Jean-Luc Lesueur ESJU Executive Council Member
Louis Linn ESJU Executive Council Member
Roberto Seijo Lombao ESJU Executive Council Member
Rob Simpson ESJU Executive Council Member
Members (United Kingdom)    
Mohammed Abdul Alim Senior Instructor East London
Eric Clovis Instructor Luton, Bedfordshire
Loukas Georgiou Master Instructor South London
Gavin Gooden Instructor Stevenage, Hertfordshire
Jason Harewood Instructor North London
Edward Lewis Senior Instructor Luton, Bedfordshire
Michael Nelson-Cole Senior Instructor Central London
Colin Pasmore Instructor North London
Diccon Scott Instructor Aberdeen, Scotland
Neville Seaton Master Instructor Luton, Bedfordshire
Rob Simpson Headmaster Instructor Central London
Susan Simpson Instructor North London
Shahajhan 'Jay' Uddin Instructor Luton, Bedfordshire
* Associate