About Us

About Us


An Introduction to the British Shuai Jiao Union


The British Shuai Jiao Union (BSJU) was established and formally constituted in Luton, Bedfordshire, on 27 May 2005. The BSJU is a partner of the Institute for Chinese Martial Arts (ICMA) consortium which is part of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts. in the United Kingdom, (Certificate Number: LLDG4415030202). The BSJU is the official governing body for Shuai Jiao in the United Kingdom, recognised by the European Shuai Jiao Union (ESJU). The BSJU is a founder member of the ESJU and the official representative for the United Kingdom. The official logo of the BSJU (pictured top centre) is based on the Union Flag. As a member of the ESJU, the BSJU has access to a global network of traditional Chinese martial artists and Masters. The BSJU is an apolitical and non-profit making organisation, and continues to promote Chinese Shuai Jiao, its benefits and practice.


Trophy Working in partnership with traditional Chinese martial arts groups in the United Kingdom, the BSJU is the selecting organisation for the British Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling) Team. Candidates are required to go though a selection process if they want to join Team GB training sessions and international tournaments. Successful candidates, as students, will have the opportunity to: train alongside both national and international champions; learn from Masters with World-renowned reputations, who will instruct you in the practice of Chinese Shuai Jiao; and attain qualifications in Chinese Shuai Jiao that are ratified by the appropriate International governing bodies and recognised Worldwide.  
The training regime will include the practical application of the skills acquired during the lessons. Depending on the style being studied, students may emphasise certain aspects of the key elements: Da (Striking), Shuai (Throwing and Grappling), Na (Pressure Point and Join Manipulation), Dien (Point Striking and Manipulation) and Duan (Breaking and Dislocation). Self-defence simulation such as two-person choreographed sequences will enable the student to take part in contact training. Tao Lu (Forms) training, including the use of weapons, will also allow the student to develop co-ordination and sparring tactics. There are also internal and external body training methods to condition the body in line with Shuai Jiao training demands. In the intermediate to advanced stages of training, student will commence sparring practice: non-striking sparring (Jing Sai Shuai Jiao); semi contact sparring (Qing Da) initially; and then full-contact sparring (San Da), if desired, and when ready. Ancient Shuai Jiao Match

Our Mission


The misson of the BSJU is to promote traditional Chinese Shuai Jiao in the United Kingdom. It is key to our mission to disseminate research findings and comment on key issues and developments in Chinese Shuai Jiao. We do this through classes, articles, seminars, and the media. To co-operate with traditional Chinese martail arts organisations worldwide in order to develop and  promote the benefits of Chinese Shuai Jiao. To represent the interests of its members in relations with International Governing Bodies (ESJU). To regulate and improve the conditions of Chinese Shuai Jiao practice. To ensure that prospective participants of Chinese Shuai Jiao are not excluded on the grounds of race, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability.


Our Profile


BSJU offers in-depth and authoritative research into Shuai Jiao related sport science and maintains a strong network with leading practitioners and academics. The Bao Ding style of Shuai Jiao is taught in the United Kingdom under the auspices of the BSJU. The international headquarters are based at the Central Police University in Taipei, Taiwan (ROC). Opportunities to study Shuai Jiao in Taiwan are availiable to student as part of the development programme.